Virtually all discussions among pet owners centers on whether they are dog or cat people. Often the depth of feeling for the merits or each runs deep.

Recent scientific research tells us that the differences between dog and cat people are actually small.

A Typical Dog Person

Dogs that tend to be energetic, faithful, and easy going tend to have similar owners.

There are very, many cat people who are extroverts and many more dog owners have been proved to be people who aren't.



A Typical Cat Person

Are you comfortable spending time on your own? Happy to try new things? If so, you may be a cat person. A recent survey found that many cat owners tended to be more curious and unconventional in their thoughts and actions.


The survey covered the following traits:


Conscientiousness - Survey takers were asked to decide if they were cat or dog people and this had an 11% higher result for dog people of cat people. This meant they were;

Strong sense of duty

Tend to be "planners"



Extroverted – Questions asked if you ‘seize the day’.  Dog people usually said yes by more than 15% compared to cat people. What this indicates:






Openness - The survey asked if you open to trying new things. Cat people returned 11% more likely recordings than dog people. This indicated the following attributes;




Nontraditional thinkers


Agreeability - The survey found that dog people were 13% more likely to be agreeable compared to the cat people. Agreeable people tended to show these abilities;







Neurosis - If you are likely to get stressed easily then you may be a cat person. Cat people were found to be 12% more neurotic compared to dog people. Neurotic people are:


Easily stressed




I like Cats and Dogs


There are some of us that may fall into both categories and consider them equal partners in a family set up. Conversely you may dislike them both. You may have to address the lifestyle you lead in order to accommodate any pet.

It is entirely possible that you are both a cat person and a dog person. If you have a love for pets as a whole and consider them an important part of the family, you may fit into both categories. You will have to carefully assess your lifestyle and your overall view of the future plans when selecting the pet that will be right for you.

If you don't enjoy the idea of having a pet or a playful companion in any way may be neither a dog person nor a cat person.

Generally the pattern coming out of this survey is that dog owners are more interactive, social and accepting and the cat owners (those who own cats exclusively) are more self-contained, introverted, and less sociable.