When it comes to pets, we all have our preferences. Some like their pet companions docile and low maintenance (this is why there are cat lovers!), while, some, prefer a more active pet buddy. Enter dog lovers.

So, what if you have chosen a pooch instead of a feline and you found out that your little cracker goes off several times a day and is a bundle of tireless energy? What happens if your pet is naturally more active than the others? Although you enjoy your dog’s affectionate nature, you sometimes wish if he can be a teeny tiny bit more ‘chilled’. This is certainly true when both of you are in an environment where your dog needs to be less vigorous…such as visiting Aunt Mable with her 20 shelter cats!

Is it possible for your mutt to have a more balanced drive whenever it is necessary? Being a dynamo doesn’t mean that your dog is bad; he just needs some extra consideration.

Here are 5 questions you need to ask yourself next time your fur-bundle goes a bit crazy with his exuberance:

  1. How old is your ball of fluff?

Is your canine still a puppy? Because puppies are pretty much are an equivalent of 2-3 year old toddlers. They’re hyperactivity is boundless as if they have energy drink infused in their system. The good news is: it’s a temporary phase. He will slow down as he matures, just like people. If you don’t have the patience and the energy for this, perhaps getting a senior dog would be more suitable to your personality and lifestyle.


  1. Is Fido getting enough exercise?

One can’t really expect high energy dogs such as Belgians, Labradors, border collies and pit bulls to sloth around like couch potatoes, unless of course, there’s something wrong with him. But rather than grow exasperated with his seemingly non-stop jumping and frolicking, channel his energy into venues and activities that both you and Fido will enjoy. Try simple routine such as bringing him for a walk in morning or take him to a dog park where he can socialize with other dogs. Go for longer walks during the early evening, allowing your dog to expend his energy by having him running around. You can also get him a play toy and play ‘fetch ball’.


  1. Do you have enough space for your dog?

Lack of mobility may be the consequence of your mutt’s crazy behavior. Wouldn’t you go crazy if you have been cooped up in a small space and couldn’t move around much? Allow your furry buddy to have as much space possible so he won’t feel trapped.

But if you are a busy professional and do not have enough time you might want to consider doggy day care center or a dog walker to keep your dog entertained and release his energy in a positive way.



  1. How do you respond to bad behavior?

If his pent up angst is looking more like bad boy gone wrong, you need to be extra careful with the discipline because it is likely to be his way of showing you, that you are not doing a good job. Take him for a brisk fast walk when he normally goes off the rails and see if he reacts more closely to orders on returning home.


  1. Did you have your dog checked for medical problems?

If you tried all the above in sensible ways then consider a real medical issue troubling him. Dogs can’t talk and have various ways of trying to tell you something. The bond and communication development are part of the fun together so try and find a dog behaviorist to check him over.


Use your gut instincts when it comes to deciphering dog thoughts because he just wants the same simple pleasures of life that you want.