Most people cringe whenever you mention the word liver.

bowl with raw liver

You know that weird, slimy organ that turns to a firm but strange texture with a rich flavor? Thanks, but no thanks! Luckily, your dog will never have the same reaction. He will love and adore it and react eagerly the next time he can smell it. See your buddy’s tail whipping excitedly!

Luckily, your dog will never have the same reaction. He will love and adore it and react eagerly the next time he can smell it. See your buddy’s tail whipping excitedly!

Dogs are still carnivores at heart. Serving small amounts of organs and offal not only acts as a reward but gives your dog a massive health boost. The liver is definitely one food that is not only exclusively good for humans but for dogs too!

Here’s why your fur buddy should be having liver in its diet:

1. Nutritious! Liver contains up to 100 times the nutrients of meat from muscles and is rich with vitamins A and B.

2. Detox.  Who said that a detox is just for humans? When it comes to a detox, the liver is the leader of the pack. A diet with raw liver not only aids in cleaning foods of toxins and bad stuff but also provides energy during instances of fatigue. Incorporating liver in his diet reduces debilitation and helps keep your canine from being anemic. A and B. It also contains iron as well as Coenzyme Q10 or popularly known as CoQ10, a substance that can be found in every cell of your dog’s body. CoQ10 has a similar composition to a vitamin and is essential for cell growth, maintenance, and energy production.

3. Anti-oxidant. Packed with Vitamin A, the liver facilitates digestion and is a powerful anti-oxidant. It also helps in keeping reproductive systems healthy; something to think about if you plan to breed. The liver also provides very good amounts of folic acid and Vitamin B12 which fights fatigue and boosts mental and nerve health.

4. Immune system booster. The liver is a wonderful source of iron which is essential for oxygen production in the blood cells. Having an iron deficiency adversely affects the performance of the immune system meaning an inadequate production of antibodies. This could lead to infection and virus susceptibility. The iron-rich liver helps regulate body temperature and metabolism, both of which are extremely important to dogs. It also is an excellent form of brain nutrient for your pooch.

5. Anti-aging. The liver also carries an anti-aging factor as well as elevating the levels of nitrogen containing compounds which are the building blocks of DNA and RNA. Are you aware of how much proof there is that dogs suffer from dementia just the same as humans? Liver, in combination with good amounts of Vitamin B, significantly cuts the risk of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.  If you have a performance dog their endurance and fitness levels will benefit as well as their overall well-being.

Important tip:

You don’t need to give your dog too much liver because it is so nutrient dense. This rich form of health can be 1 oz. two or three times a week for medium or larger dogs, and half that for the smaller types. If your dog is not used to fresh raw meat then wean him in slowly and check for runny stools. He may take the time to get used to this luxurious health food, so try dehydrated beef liver or even more convenient, liver tablets and capsules. The more organic or grass-fed the better, but any butcher’s liver will do nicely, and you only need about 5% for the liver as part of your dog’s new super healthy diet.