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Benefits of Raw

Dog and cat running in a field


Better Breath

Stinky breath? Tartar build-up? Not a problem with raw-fed dogs! Once you make the switch and start introducing raw meaty bones a couple of times a week, plaque will start disappearing and stinky breath will vanish along with it! A published scientific study that we summarized here shows the amazing changes in your dog that you can look forward to.


Better Body Odour

The extra additives, preservatives, and oxidized fats in an open bag of kibble results in the accumulation of a greasy residue that smells. Once you switch to raw, that smell is pretty much gone and you can hug your dog without smelling like one afterwards!


Shiny coat, less shedding, and more energy!

High-quality animal proteins are much better absorbed by your pet’s digestive system than any processed protein found in kibble, according to several scientific studies. 

This means that your dog’s fur, which is over 90% protein, will become noticeably softer, shinier, and more voluminous. Above all, your furry friend will shed much less! Ask anyone who made the switch and they’ll tell you they stopped vacuuming as much after switching their pet to raw.

The high-quality protein will also give your dog an increased level of energy. Our clients with senior dogs on the RawChoice diet describe it as “reversing the aging process” when it comes to energy, alertness, and desire to play. 


Reduce or eliminate allergies 

Many of our clients make the switch to RawChoice due to their dog’s food allergies. Once their pet is eating a single protein diet with no additives or fillers, the redness, scratching, and itchiness are quickly brought under control. In many cases, their dog’s food allergy symptoms resolve because of the high quality, species-appropriate diet that RawChoice provides. 


Put an end to yeast ear infections

Malassezia, the yeast that causes most of the ear infections in pets, is fueled by the sugars in kibble. Switching to a pure protein raw diet will eliminate the source of energy for this notorious yeast and bring its growth under control in a relatively short period of time.