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RawChoice Dehydrated Cow Ears

Discover RawChoice's all-natural cow ears for dogs, a single-ingredient, low-fat chew promoting dental health. Sourced from grass-fed cattle, it's the perfect rawhide alternative.
Presenting RawChoice's exceptional all-natural cow ears for dogs, an ageless chew reminiscent of the iconic Bully Stick. In line with our entire product range, our natural cow ears for dogs are made from a single ingredient and expertly baked for optimal digestibility. These canine chews are obtained through ethical sourcing, offering a healthy alternative to traditional rawhide. At RawChoice, we carefully examine and handpick each ear to ensure your beloved pet receives a consistently top-quality and dependable treat. Embrace the RawChoice advantage: Pure and unprocessed (free of bleaching) Supports dental hygiene by cleaning teeth One Ingredient (Beef) Low-fat and highly digestible Derived from free-roaming, grass-fed cattle Sourced from Turkey Barely noticeable to no odor Explore this remarkable dog chew and more at RawChoice today!
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