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Thanks to RawChoice and the supportive owners, my skinny, sickly puppy has grown into a robust and healthy adult. He has been eating RawChoice for 4 1/2 years and I wouldn’t change a thing. His body condition, teeth, and coat are spectacular. I can’t say enough good things about this food

Lauri D


Great service and excellent prices
We started our 12 week old miniature poodle on the beef and vegetables. Excellent product! Beef muscle, green tripe, ground beef bones, beef organs, (liver, spleen and kidney,) ground apples, carrots and broccoli. Perfect nutritional blend and my little guy devours it all. Thank-you!

Sherilyn K


My dog is the most excited about her food than ever before. She actually barks when I'm preparing her food in anticipation. The food comes frozen but still fresh since they make it and deliver it the same week. The price is also a great value. I'm so happy and would suggest it to everyone wanting to feed raw food to their dog.

Chantal T


We own a Portuguese Water Dog who, from a puppy, was suffering from bowel problems. There were many visits to the vet where we had her tested and tried the expensive gastro food the vet recommended to try and solve the issue, but all of this proved fruitless. We decided to give Rawchoice a try to see if there was any improvement in her condition. The effect was immediate and drastic; the bowel problems disappeared within 12 hours of her first trying raw food. It was incredible and we have never gone back. The people at Rawchoice are great and their products have been a mainstay for our dog ever since.

Chris R


After weeks of researching brands of prepared raw food for my senior Bichon Frise I chose RawChoice. The owner gave me great advice and assured me that all ingredients are CDN sourced and the food is prepared with the utmost care. Within a week of eating the raw diet, my dogs energy level changed dramatically. Three weeks later her thinning coat started transforming and her dry flaky skin was gone. It is almost 4 months since putting my dog on a raw food diet and I am so glad that I did. My senior dog no longer looks frail and lethargic she truly has been transformed, only wish I did it sooner.

Arlene M