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Treats and Chews

Treats and Chews

RawChoice dog treats and chews are proudly made using only Canadian all-natural ingredients. 

Dog tested and approved, RawChoice treats and chews are great for training, everyday rewards, and special occasions.

All of our treats are single-ingredient and priced affordably.

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  1. RawChoice Dehydrated Duck Feet
    RawChoice Dehydrated Duck Feet

    A chewy treat that is high in protein and naturally rich in the natural with glucosamine, chondroitin, and collagen. 

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  2. RawChoice Dehydrated Beef Back Tendon
    RawChoice Dehydrated Beef Back Tendon

    All-natural, high-quality chew that will keep your pet happy and healthy, look no further than RawChoice Dehydrated Beef Back Tendon!

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  3. RawChoice Dehydrated Beef Femur
    RawChoice Dehydrated Beef Femur

    RawChoice Dehydrated Beef Femur is a treat your dog will love, and you'll love how it supports their oral hygiene and overall health!


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  4. RawChoice Duck Necks
    RawChoice Duck Necks

    A 100% natural, human-grade ingredients, and is packed with protein, making it a nutritious and delicious snack for your furry friend!

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  5. RawChoice Raw Duck Feet 1lb
    RawChoice Raw Duck Feet 1lb
    RawChoice Raw Duck Feet 1lb is a wholesome and tasty treat for medium and large dogs. Made from hormone and antibiotic-free duck feet, this product is a natural and nutritious supplement to your pet's diet. Learn More
  6. RawChoice 12" standard bully sticks
    RawChoice 12" standard bully sticks
    Looking for a healthy and delicious treat for your small or medium-sized dog? Our 12 Inch Standard Odour-Free Bully Sticks are an all-natural, hand-sorted option that promotes dental health and is 100% digestible and chemical-free. Learn More
  7. RawChoice Dehydrated Cow Ears
    RawChoice Dehydrated Cow Ears
    Discover RawChoice's all-natural cow ears for dogs, a single-ingredient, low-fat chew promoting dental health. Sourced from grass-fed cattle, it's the perfect rawhide alternative. Learn More
  8. Stuffed Beef Trachea
    Stuffed Beef Trachea

    RawChoice Stuffed Beef Trachea is a gastronomic journey for your four-legged friend. This delightfully crunchy treat is stuffed with RawChoice Organ Blend, which includes beef liver, tripe, kidney, lung, and spleen; a combination that will get your pet's tail wagging with happiness. 

    Enhance your pet's diet with RawChoice Stuffed Beef Trachea. It's not just a treat, it's an experience.




    1 x 6" crunchy dehydrated beef trachea stuffed with RawChoice Organ Blend. Weight and size are approximate and will vary 

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  9. BTRC Treat Box
    BTRC Treat Box

    Join RawChoice in our mission to make tails wag and hearts flutter! Our RawChoice Rescue Box is not just a treat for your pet but a treat for a cause.

    Each treat box contains 5 Dehydrated Chicken Feet, 2 Dehydrated Beef Trachea, 5 Dehydrated Beef Back Tendons, Dehydrated beef Lung (60 g), and Dehydrated Beef Heart 40 g.


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  10. RawChoice Dehydrated Beef Heart Chips
    RawChoice Dehydrated Beef Heart Chips

    RawChoice Dehydrated Beef Heart Chips are the perfect treat for dogs who love great flavor and texture. These chips are pleasant to handle, great smelling, and have a jerky-like texture that your pet will love.

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  11. RawChoice Dehydrated Chicken Feet-Pack of 10
    RawChoice Dehydrated Chicken Feet
    Why not give your four-legged friend a treat that is both delicious and nutritious with RawChoice Dehydrated Chicken Feet? Despite its appearance, your dog will surely love this crunchy and tasty treat!
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  12. RawChoice Dehydrated Beef Lung
    RawChoice Dehydrated Beef Lung

    Made from 100% all-natural, human-grade ingredients, RawChoice Dehydrated Beef Lung is a wholesome treat that your pet will love.

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