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RawChoice Dehydrated Beef Back Tendon

All-natural, high-quality chew that will keep your pet happy and healthy, look no further than RawChoice Dehydrated Beef Back Tendon!

RawChoice Dehydrated Beef Back Tendon is the perfect solution for dogs who love to chew. This all-natural dog chew is made from dehydrated beef back tendon, making it a delicious and long-lasting treat for your furry friend. The dehydrated beef back tendon is tough enough to keep your dog occupied for a long time, which is great for pet owners who are looking for a treat that can help reduce boredom and anxiety. This product is free of preservatives and additives, ensuring that your dog is only consuming high-quality, all-natural ingredients.

  • Single-ingredient dehydrated beef tendon
  • Naturally promotes clean teeth and healthy gums
  • Slowly dried to preserve natural bold flavor
  • Long-lasting and will entertain your heavy chewer

    Quantity: 10 beef tendons per bag

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